Watersports Magazine – A complete magazine on all watersports activities. They feature some of the best gear comparisons online and also offer an up to date guide on dive locations. Please visit this website.

Scuba Compare Blog – A well researched online magazine hub focusing on scuba gear comparisons.

Advanced Diver Magazine – A Quarterly publication dedicated to divers from advanced openwater to technical explorer.

Aqualog – An online magazine about scuba diving and free diving.

Aquanaut – The Internet’s first online magazine dedicated to the recreational and technical SCUBA diving community.

Asian Diver Online – The source for authoritative information about diving in the Asia-Pacific Region. The site is operated by Asian Diver Pte Ltd of Singapore.

CDNN Scuba News Network – Dive travel updates, equipment reviews, and reports on dive safety and marine conservation issues.

Cyber Diver – Ad-free scuba diving magazine, providing evaluations of diving products and services.

Dive Girl – A magazine about women who scuba dive, covering issues of interest to women, focusing on adventurous, technical, extended range and cave diving. Published in the U.K.

Dive Myths & Realities – Archive of scuba diving publications authored by Latty “Harris” Taylor, Ph.D. Diving SAfety Coordinator for the University of Michigan.

Dive New Zealand magazine – Bi-monthly publication all about diving in New Zealand.

Dive Training – Diving’s education-based magazine for new divers, their instructors and those who own and operate dive centers. Excerpts from the print edition.

DiveNews.Com – News and current events from the world of diving.

Diver Magazine – Canada’s diving magazine.

Diving Periodicals International – The worlds largest library of Sport, Commercial and Military Diving periodicals?

Diving Trade International – Trade Magazine, distributed worldwide to all professional employees in diving industry.Covers all market sectors including Sport, Military, Technical, Commercial. Latest kit/news/recruitment/articles. By Subscription only.

eNature.com Fish Identification Guide – An excellent source for divers wishing to identify fish they have encountered. The eNature site is based on the Audubon Fieldguides to marine life.

Explore Underwater Magazine Online – Diverse coverage of scuba related topics, from training to travel, dive buddy listings, photo gallery, links and more.

Fantasy Scuba – Information about diving medicine, weather, clubs, free downloads, news, images,and dive photography.

Florida Scuba News – Diver’s Magazine.

Howard Hall’s Monthly Dive Adventure Stories – An excellent collection of diving adventure stories from world renowned cinematographer, Howard Hall. New stories are posted monthly.

Immersed – Features articles about projects, ideas, developments, and practices in technical diving.

JScuba – An on-line magazine that provides recreational divers with information to make their diving experiences more enjoyable.

990 Magazine – Magazine for advanced sport and technical divers worldwide. Covering nitrox, mixed gas, rebreather and decompression diving, wreck and cave diving, dive sites and training.

Midwest Scuba News – Online newsletter dealing with midwestern divers and dive locations.

NOAA Diving Manual – Diving for Science and Technology – Covers all aspects of diving, including diving physiology, techniques to improve the methodology of underwater scientific research, new gear, operational techniques, and details to help the diver dive safely.

Ocean Realm Magazine – An international underwater photography magazine specializing in the marine environment.

OnScuba.com – A new online scuba diving magazine by an enthusiast. Not much on site yet, though it is nicely done.

The Philippine Diver – The Philippines’ only magazine devoted to scuba diving. The online version is updated daily and contains a searchable data base of every article ever published – as well as many items that appear only online.

Reef eXplorers Network – The R.E.N. is a collection of SCUBA Diving publications.

Rodale’s Scuba Diving – RSD has objective equipment evaluations, information on dive sites the world over and dive medicine answers.

Scuba Trader – Classified ads for divers, with listings of diving gear,personals,diving vacations,scuba vehicles, employment,and real estate.

ScubaDivingBooks.com – Online retailer of Scuba Diving related books and videos.

Second Hand Scuba – Classified ads for scuba equipment and related items. Free listings for new and used scuba gear.

Ship Wreck Charts – 1438 Shipwrecks off New Jersey in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Nation’s Chartmaker for Wreck charts.

Skin Diver Magazine Online World – Feature articles, archives, transactions, and online services including a large collection of scuba related links.

Southwest Diver Magazine – Coverage of regional diving throughout the Southwest, including diving in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Mexico, and Catalina Island.

Sport Diver Magazine – Sport Diver is the official magazine of the PADI Diving Society.

Undercurrent Online – An ad-free, dive magazine for scuba divers published since 1975, and called by Business Week “the Consumer Reports of diving”. Providing authoritative, unbiased reviews of scuba diving resorts and equipment, now available online.

Underwater Books – Buy and sell rare, out of print and hard to find diving books.

Underwater Times – The daily journal of life in and around water. If it’s around water, it’s in the Underwater Times.